In an interview with Athens 9.84 Radio, Maria Karystianou stated, “They did not do what they should have done. Apparently, they were instructed to cover up because they operated outside of any Greek and European protocol.”

Karystianou argued that the coroners failed to perform essential toxicological tests to determine the cause of the burns and whether flammable substances were present to establish if the victims were alive when burned. “The omissions made by the Forensic Service are very serious, important, and deliberate. When there is carbonisation, specific actions must be taken. These did not happen.”

She also expressed indignation over the scheduled closure of Parliament on Friday, May 24th. “Where does this come from? How did they get permission to do this? Will nothing legal be observed in this country?” she questioned.

Karystianou’s reference to the closure of Parliament relates to a lawsuit filed against Deputy Minister Christos Triandopoulos and other ministers, which has reached Parliament without any subsequent discussion. “Don’t forget that it’s been three weeks since a lawsuit concerning Mr. Triandopoulos and other ministers was filed at the Parliament, and no one is talking about it. This is unthinkable for a theoretically democratic country – I know there is no democracy, but for those who try to convince us otherwise all day long.”

She revealed that additional lawsuits against political figures will be filed in the near future, promising to cause significant surprise and widespread discussion.


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