The Split in SYRIZA

32 MPs voted against the government on Wednesday night, what will this mean for the party?
Nikos Libertas / SOOC

A meeting was held Thursday between the government and SYRIZA party officials at the Maximou Mansion to discuss how the party, and the government will respond to the latest developments, as the policy split within the party grows wider and more public following Wednesday night’s vote. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that in his opinion there were no other viable options or alternative proposals that had been put forward, other than accepting the terms of the Eurosummit agreement, even though it was essentially blackmail on the part of Greece’s EU partners.
The prime minister told the meeting that he had asked the party, and each MP, to consider carefully the predicament that Greece is in, and called for party unity in voting together and accepting responsibility together for a third bailout package. Given that no one came forward with an alternative viable proposal, the fact that 32 MPs chose not to vote with the government, and not to share this responsibility was against the principles of solidarity that SYRIZA stood for, and had exposed an open wound in the core of the party.

He went on to say that no one could have a more serious dilemma of conscience than he, as prime minister, with all that he has seen and heard these last 6 months. The division over this agreement has severely weakened this, the first government of the left in this country, and will force him to continue to govern until this agreement is concluded with only minority support.

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