In solidarity with a nationwide movement led by POESY, POSPERT, POEPTYM, and ETPTA, ThePressProject will participate in the journalists’ strike scheduled from 5 am on April 16, 2024, to 5 am on April 17, 2024. This action aligns with the 24-hour strike declared by the GSEE, engaging workers from all sectors across the country.

The Federations have repeatedly highlighted the employers’ reluctance to negotiate Collective Labour Agreements in the private sector, leading to journalists and media workers facing inadequate wages that fail to meet basic personal and familial needs. This financial instability is exacerbated by precision in employment that continues to diminish family incomes.

The strike also addresses the severe economic pressures faced by the whole of Greek society, including relentless price hikes that severely impact families’ financial resources.

Key demands include:

  1. Implementation of Collective Labour Agreements across all media in both public and private sectors, as supported by the recent EU directive on “adequate minimum wages,” which encourages member states to ensure that 80% of workers are covered by these agreements.
  2. Actions to counteract wage compression and the resulting push of workers into poverty.
  3. Effective measures to address unemployment.
  4. National and European support to safeguard incomes and employment in the private sector.
  5. Commitment to reliable and diverse reporting.
  6. Enhanced safety measures in public transport and workplaces.

The strike underscores the vital importance of defending labour rights and collective labour law as fundamental pillars of Democracy, Equality, and Justice, and emphasizes the necessity of Freedom of Press, ensuring reliable and free information guided by ethics and pluralism.

The Federations urge all members to actively participate in the strike, emphasising that the issues at stake affect every media worker, regardless of sector.


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