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Press Review July 23: Pier pressure


The government and the privatisation agency HRADF are at odds over the ‘friendly settlement’ between the Piraeus Port Authority and Chinese company Cosco; the IMF once again admits the gross…

Press Review July 18: Lost in the woods


Draft forestry legislation seeks to remove restrictions on activities in protected areas; the forestry bill is a giveaway to business and unconstitutional says SYRIZA; the state continues to delay for…

Press Review July 17: Plan of attack


Police believe that arrested terror suspect Maziotis was planning an attack in the center of Athens; the troika leaves the Finance Ministry with a mountain of work for the summer;…

Press Review July 16: Nothing to see here


There were no Greek newspapers circulated today due to 24 hour strikes by the workers at the newspaper distribution agencies ‘Argos’ and ‘Europe’ which began at 6.00pm on Tuesday and…